Hayes Branch Animal Refuge, Inc

Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release

                                               ​​2021   Spring is Here!

New kennels and fencing.

We've brought in the new buildings for our residents. Sepa​rate buildings for our dogs and cats. 

This will also provide safe shelter and available food for our community feral cats. With them being able to "hide" and come and go on their own, we've found this approach helps in catching them to get them spayed and neutered and allowing them, upon return from the vet, to recuperate safely.

We are adding a small clinic area for our Veterinarian to have a clean space to work on site.

Fence contractors have been difficult to find, so we're starting the fencing ourselves. It's slow going, but at least it's started!

Work on the dog kennel starts.

Progress is being made on the dog kennel. The wall for the storage room is going in nicely. Next the individual kennels will be added and access dog doors will installed.