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Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release

                                               ​​2021   Spring is Here!

The new year brings with it, projects around the rescue. Here we have the supervisory committee checking our quality of work.

Friendship, Indiana

First of all, let us express our sincere appreciation to anyone who has taken the time and effort to see that the injured, sick, and orphaned animals that have crossed your path, received the care and attention they so desperately needed. Whether we received the animal, or another wildlife care-giving facility, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

For over twelve years the folks at Hayes Branch Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc. provided either direct or indirect quality care for all injured, sick or orphaned native wildlife. 

Unfortunately, in 2012, we were faced with personal issues that required a choice between wildlife and family. Not to make that choice would have put our wildlife charges at certain risk. So, we painfully decided not to renew our state rehabilitation permit for an indefinite time.

We do, however, continue to rescue wildlife by seeing that they get to an appropriate rehaber as soon as possible. In the past few years we have turned our efforts to rescuing or finding homes for domestic animals, which is primarily cats and dogs. Of course, our vehicles make frequent stops to move turtles, frogs, snakes, or any slow moving critter off the road.

PLEASE use the link below to find an Indiana state approved rehabilitator:

Here are some of the links you will find on the state site:


                                  If you are in a different state, go to your state's official website and search for 'wildlife rehabilitators'. 

Thanks for visiting!

We hope to see you again!

We are currently adding to the site so you will be able to adopt domestic animals that need to find a loving home.      Check Back Soon...

While we strive to place all of our rescued animals into loving homes, we will not compromise their well-being to do so. 

We will require an application be completed with current phone numbers, physical address as well as PO Box if applicable. 

We may ask for references, do home checks, request pictures and updates to verify the required living conditions are being met and we may also do in-home visits. 

These measures will seem extreme to some, but from past experience, animals have been mistreated and suffered because we chose to trust first. Now we choose to trust but verify! 

99% of the time these measures will not be needed, but the 1% is what we are working to eliminate with our diligence. We need to know 100% of the time that every animal that leaves here is going to be loved and taken extremely good care of. They have had a desperately hard time to this point in their lives and we aim to give them much much better from here on out. Pampering isn't to much for them. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


                                                 From all of us here at 

                                            Hayes Branch Animal Refuge, 

                              we wish you all a blessed and safe new year!